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Good Governance

What is good governance in sport?

A question that seems simple a priori but how complicated in fact if we ask it to an assembly of experts!

Several concepts then come together, from the simplest to the most complicated.

But if a key characteristic of sport governance on the international level as well as in Canada, always stands out, it seems to us to be the one attached to TRANSPARENCY.


In the future, organizations will have to adapt to it. We predict that more and more Non-profits, especially those receiving public funds, such as Canadian Sport organizations from the Canadian Olympic Committee to Ontario badminton federation or Quebec' soccer federation receiving public money via Owning the Podium or tax breaks, will end having their board of directors via webinars.

But let's start at the beginning and analyze this concept in more depth.

So what should good governance in sport be?

According to the vast majority of experts, it should be 'the best way to conduct the business of the sports organization'.

Then of course the first question that pops up in our mind : in whose interest?


There is the possibility of  real conflicts of interest between the athletes, their health and the Federation' slippages (importance of numbers of gold medals in certain countries and thus for example State doping).

Sport Governance Key Elements

 A summary of key elements, that we found following our research, attached to sport governance include inter alia,

1-Impartiality, transparency, equality;


3-Clarity of purpose 

4-Code of Ethics

5-Skilled, independent, equally gendered, small sized, regularly renewed based board

6- Judicial & disciplinary procedures ( separate & impartiality of procedures. Code of discipline.  Expertise of Arbitrators. Audi Alternam Partem. Fair trial. No Cost  for Athletes. Presumption of innocence. Integrity of soul & body. Human rights.Charter of Rights apply).

Please note that the above is a very superficial view of a complicated matter. More detailed papers will follow.

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