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Happy new year year!

Ciao to 2020 but be aware that #SportCovidchallenges are still with us!

The entire team of the Canadian Sport Law and Governance Association joins me in wishing you an excellent New Year 2021.

Lets cross our fingers that 2021 be kinder to humanity and to our industry!

Our sports industry has indeed undergone extraordinary challenges in this past year.

2020: so many extraordinary challenges including the #TokyoOlympics having even to be postponed for a year!

"But unfortunately the passing of the year to 2021 does not necessarily and automatically mean the return to normality of sporting events. Moreover, the big question on the viability of the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer remains wide open, in my humble opinion."

Even if these Games do take place this year, the question about sufficient time for preparation of the athletes will remain.

Tokyo organizing committee we will have to deal with ethical and governance issues.

Indeed, due to various confinement regimes across the world, some athletes will have been entitled to more facilities to train for these games while others not.

This aspect should not be neglected: the preparation of participants in time and the quality (of the equipment / places of the training before the Games) since this question is deeply related to the notion of 'fairness' (idem to the question of doping).

Question of utmost #Fairness.

One of the absolute values ​​of Olympisme.

In addition to the Olympics, there will still be in 2021, other concerns related to Covid , such as access to vaccines for athletes and teams.

A real headache to be expected.

Indeed since across the world, each country, each region etc, differentially manages priority access to the vaccine.

'What about access to the vaccine for high level sportsmen or Olympic athletes during an Olympic year? Should they be vaccinated before "normal" citizens? Prior to teenagers and children? This is a real ethical question!'

I am sure that this new year 2021 holds great legal sporting challenges for us. Let's just hope to be up to it and to overcome it with wisdom and dignity.


Me Amélia Fouques


Canadian sport law and Governance Association


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