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Jogging: why so much hate?

This must to read paper appeared in a renowned French magazine Le Point (the equivalent of the Times) caught my attention with its provocative title 'Jogging: pourquoi tant de haine'.


Obviously because it actually spoke of my favorite subject: SPORTS .

And mostly because I am simply STUNNED ( and I remain polite) that people not only hatefully shame joggers in France but also physically attack them for trying to keep themselves healthy (physically AND mentally) during a pandemic!

To summarize the article for people not reading french, journalist Nathalie Lamoureux tries to understand why the jogger is seen presently in France as

'a dehumanized figure, reduced to the image of a body that spits, sweats, sputters, becomes suspect and dangerous . '

In other words, the jogger is called a dirty egotist and public danger number 1.

However after having consulted many scientists on the real dangers that joggers actually represent in the transmissions of coronavirus, the journalist comes to the conclusion that these fears are rather unfounded if joggers follow the principles of protection (social distancing, inter alia) . Actually people are more exposed to the virus going grocery shopping that being in the presence of joggers (with appropriate social distancing).

Lamoureux then explains that the joggers segregation

'follow the same logic' as that at work with regard to the Chinese excluded from public transport or nurses victims of the rejection of their neighbors and ordered to move. '

The journalist does not stop there. Equipped with this factual data, she then consults with sport sociologists and sport anthropologists to try to understand this hateful behavior.

One of them, Olivier Bessy, a renowed sport sociologist , stresses an important point:

'running is breathing, coupled with protection because it increases the production of antibodies.'

This means that sports, here in this case jogging, is not only a hobby but also a 'medicine' in the sense that it allows our body to better prepare to fight against the virus. So somehow jogging = anti-viral. This is a powerfull (legal) argument (if you ask me!!!).

The sociologist has another argument in his sleeve:

"As if running made it possible to really resist or in an imaginary mode the dramaturgies of existence. As if the ordinary experience of racing made it possible to get in motion and say that anything is possible. As if everyone, while running, felt more in control of their own destiny, ”

It gives you MIND power. It gives you HOPE.

it fights depression.

Who can be against it? We certainly don't want mass suicides to add to the already far too many deaths from this dreadful virus, right? Or legions of people who are added to the consumers of anti-depressants already ultra numerous.

In fact, I allow myself to add in conclusion my personal feelings to the reading of this article. First I would like to thank Madame Lamoureux and Le Point for making me aware of this strange and horrible reality. Yes horrible. Get a Life Joggers Haters! You Jealous B.....ds!

Because for me, in these difficult planetary times , one word should be on all minds: La BIENVEILLANCE. I don't know how to really translate it into English.

This has appeal to humanity in all of us. It is the opposite of selfishness. Of social denunciation (what a horrible concept !). She is the sister of selfless altruism . The cousin of living and letting live. Being happy for yourself and your neighbor, no matter who he or she is.

I dare not imagine the attitude of the 'Jogger Haters' in times of World wars. They are going to go after & attack and denounce who?

In my book, they are the most virulent viruses in our society and unfortunately finding a vaccine against them will be impossible. This is the sad story of Humanity. But do still try la BIENVEILLANCE!

Parole d'Amélia!

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