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Swimming Canada pleads for #Tokyo2020 postponement

Swimming Canada CEO, Ahmed El-Awadi, in response to recent letters from Canadian Olympic Committee and USA Swimming, has published a bilingual request for the postponement of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

In his public letter, Mr El-Awadi, states 'we are very much aligned with many of the points USA Swimming CEO Tim Hinchey has raised. Telling athletes to prepare for an Olympic Games during a global pandemic raises serious issues. We hold the opinions of our brothers and sisters at USA Swimming in high regard, and share many of the same concerns around health and safety. That includes the safety and well-being of our athletes – both physically and mentally – and the safety of the community at large.'

Swimming Canada is especially worried about the athletes' state of mind.

'Each day that goes by without a decision creates more stress and anxiety for our athletes, who are worried not only about themselves but about their communities'

The ferderation' CEO stresses that in his sport it is extremely difficult to maintain training without pools, which are closed across Canada and in many countries worldwide. Thus he notes the challenges athletes face by being unable to train.

He also insists on the fact that canadian leading swimmers worked for years to pursue their Olympic and Paralympic dreams on a level playing field against the best in the world.

They are doing their very best to adapt to the changes they are facing to their normal daily training environment, which is a testament to their character.

In a very diplomatic way, Swimming Canada concludes that they

' understand the IOC is going through an intensive process and are encouraged to hear IOC President Thomas Bach is considering different scenarios. We are looking forward to this process moving forward and hearing more from the IOC in the near future. The COC in an open letter dated March 17 identified that the hope for the Games must be put in context with the lives at risk on a global basis, and

ask for the following:

We thank all our partners, including the COC, CPC, and Government of Canada, for their full engagement in ensuring that Canada is taking into account the safety, health and welfare of all athletes, coaches and support staff. Our leaders are working extremely hard on these important issues to advise the IOC to choose the right solution among the various.'

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