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SDRCC Corporate Plan for the 2020-2021

As noted on the Canadian Sport Policy #SDRCC corporate plan for the 2020-2021 fiscal year:

The vision of the Canadian Sport Policy 2012 is to have, by 2022, “a dynamic and innovative sport culture that promotes and celebrates participation and excellence in sport”.

To be more precise:

Fundamental to the Policy is the assumption that quality sport is dependent on seven principles appropriately integrated into all sportrelated policies and programs:



technically sound;


intentional; effective;

and sustainable.

The vision emphasizes a commitment to learning and implementing best practices in an ever-changing environment.

But what are the objectives for this year?

The plan neames the following objectives and initiatives for 2020-2021 :

Providing Sport Dispute Resolution Services Initiatives:

( Renew the roster of mediators and arbitrators and implement a program to increase opportunities for women in sport dispute resolution;Review and update the Canadian Sport Dispute Resolution Code, in part to comply with upcoming antidoping rule changes;

Improve accessibility of information and resources

Strengthening the Capacity of the Canadian Sport Community to Prevent and Resolve Disputes Initiatives: (Maintain the Sport Law Connect Program in British Columbia and Manitoba, and collaborate with other provinces and territories to expand the program. Explore opportunities to improve access to the Centre’s online tools and resources; Enhance presence on social media and improve communication tools to increase engagement and awareness.

Supporting Integrity in Sport Initiatives: (Maintain the Canadian Sport Helpline and Investigation Unit programs, until no longer required; Support the Advisory Committee in implementing the recommendations from the independent evaluation firm in order to improve the services of the Canadian Sport Helpline and Investigation Unit; Provide expertise, as required, to stakeholders across the country in support of their efforts to end maltreatment in sport.

Pursuing Organizational Excellence Initiatives: (Review and update the Centre’s Risk Management system; Align the Board Committee structure and composition with the new Strategic Plan priorities; Strengthen the Centre’s policies regarding official languages, inclusion and diversity) etc,

The 2020-2021 BUDGET?

The total proposed budget for this fiscal year is $1,372,500.

To read the Plan, please click HERE

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