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We have great news for you in 2024

All in all, a happy and bright new year to our loyal members and readers. We appreciate your interest.

For fall 2024, the Canadian Sport law Association is in the process of organizing an international conference in sports law & sports' good governance best practices.

The topic that interests us mostly concerns the question of how we can learn from each other at the world level. Like what we can learn from Paris2024 Olympics games ?

The former French sport's minister and the present president of the French sport Foundation, Mr. Thierry Braillard will give us, for example, an in-depth analysis of the good moves and the less ones of the Paris summer games.

We will shortly publish a request for papers for our conference. Please stay tuned for the incoming details.

We are also preparing a series of tutorials and conferences on how to become a sport lawyers as well as a complete set of a 30 hours course on the subject matter of introduction sport law. We are in the process to get all the approval of different bar association in order to qualify this courses and conferences for the mandatory continued education for lawyers (Canadian provinces, USA, France, etc).

As you can see , we have a very very busy day ahead of us.

Lets start the year all together!


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